Speaker Disappointed With JGPO Presentation to Rotary Club


Guam- Legislative speaker Judi Wonpat says JGPO director John Jackson’s presentation to Rotary Club members was dismissive of concerns that people on Guam have with the buildup.




During his presentation Jackson did recognize the concerns but also stated he felt there were many misconceptions held by those opposed to the buildup. Speaker Wonpat believes it is the Department of Defense who has misconceptions about the people of Guam.


“I don’t believe that any of those are misconceptions by the people that’s exactly how they want to portray it as misconceptions and if there were any i’ll tell you it started with them because they just haven’t been upfront with us and this whole conception again when they say pagat is off the table and then he tries to tell us yesterday well it’s along rt. 15 come on stop lying to the people be up front and tell us,” said Wonpat.


The speaker was also concerned about DOD’s promise to own less land on Guam after the buildup is over. Jackson told rotarians yesterday they are considering giving back some land along the western coast of Guam but also Rt. 4, Cross Island Road and Marine Corps Drive. “Well that definitely was insult to injury because when we talk about lands we talk about lands that they have currently in the bases they are using and others that could actually be returned to original land owners and the insult here was they said well they actually own marine drive from adelup all the way to itc building and the crossroads and rt. 4 and the western coast of south finn i mean truly if these road are theirs then how come they haven’t been maintaining it for the last 66 yrs,” said Wonpat.


The speaker adds that if DOD’s plans to reduce the land it owns includes giving back Marine Drive and Rt. 4 to GovGuam then it’s a bit deceptive because they aren’t giving back lands to original land owners.