Speaker: Good news on rare tree at the center of military construction ‘pause’

Speaker Tina Muna Barnes

Speaker Tina Muna-Barnes has shared some good news with regard to a
30-year nature stewardship commitment that is underway, which also involves the Serianthes Nelsonii tree.

This is the same rare tree that is at the center of controversy over the push to “pause” military construction activity.

According to the Speaker, the Department of the Navy already has 41 saplings of the Serianthes Nelsonii around Andersen and they have collected 205 seeds in 2018.

There is also a cooperative agreement between the DoN and the University of Guam’s Guam Plant Extinction Prevention Program to maintain the tree and its saplings.

In addition, the Speaker said the Navy will be putting up the first fence for a nursery which aims at developing a pristine natural forest.

“As you may be aware, Guam is also home to many pests, pigs, and deer. This fence will serve as a barrier for such ungulates. Once the fence is erected, eradication procedures will begin to ensure this nursery is free of pests,” the Speaker said in a news release.

Under the Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan, which took two years and multiple local and federal agencies to draft, there is a goal of 160 plantings in 2019-2020. Under the Marine Corps Relocation Plan, there is also a requirement of 30 plantings of the rare Serianthes Nelsonii.

The Speaker has promised to continue working on getting as much information as possible on this matter.