Speaker Judi Won Pat Explains Her Teacher Conduct Law

Speaker Judi Won Pat is explaining how her teacher conduct law came to be and how it’s supposed to work. 

Won Pat says the rules for the teacher conduct law were not designed and approved in a hurry, but she explains that the process took about two years.

She emphasizes in her weekly address that the rules of the teacher conduct law were not intended to punish all teachers or prevent them from enjoying their social lives with other adults.

Won Pat says this law was created to protect students in the public school system and to be able to decertify teachers if needed. 

She says, “If the child was abused or sexually assaulted by an educator, then there was no mechanism to remove the person. They may force them to resign or fire them, but they would still have their certificate that they can easily take to another jurisdiction to teach and even in Guam’s case, some of them have come back to the system.” 
Won Pat says the Guam Commission for Educator Certification will consult with their attorney and decide how to proceed.