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Guam – Speaker Senator Judi Won Pat with the first Speakers weekly radio address.




The Guam Legislature met with the Under Secretary of the Navy Robert Work and with other ranking officials from the Department of the Navy to again discuss the military build-up.

It was very clear to the Senators present in the meeting that the United States Military remains steadfast on their path to create a firing range complex in Pågat.

So that I am clear, let me repeat that the Department of Defense is moving forward in itsplans to build a firing complex. They will fire their weapons, including submachine guns and grenades, directly over an ancient Chamorro village and burial grounds in the Pagat area.

Your Senators voiced their opposition to this firing range complex. We made it clear to all concerned that we will stand firm in protecting and promoting the culture, heritage, and natural resources of the People of Guam.

In the effort to keep open lines of communication between the executive and legislative branches of government, I’ve met with Governor Calvo on two separate occasions to talk about progress that we’ve made, to find common footing, and to address any differences with respect to public policy and law.
While it is true that there are areas where we disagree, we also agree on many things; one of which is education. I was pleased to hear in Governor Calvo state in his Monday Address that he plans to be proactive with education— and that he knows that throwing money at the issue is not the solution.

As the Speaker and Committee chair on Education, I have consistently been working toward a safe and nurturing learning environment, and greater accountability that will safeguard the use of your tax dollars while also increasing the quality of education for our students. I look forward to working with the Governor to achieve these goals.

This effort for the next term–and the next decade—will take all of us. As your Senators engage in appointee confirmations and public hearings on bills and resolutions, please participate. Come down to the public hearing room at the legislature. Testify on matters that are important to you. Watch us live on MCV Channel 13 or GTA Channel 21. Your civic participation is vital for the health of our community.

The leadership of the Guam Legislature is committed to maintaining the momentum we’ve generated since the inauguration and I look forward to again sharing our progress in the next radio address. I know that every person listening to this address loves our island and is willing to work hard to make it better. This is the place where our discussions begin, and the place where they must return when we are done.

Si yu’us ma’ase.