Speaker Judi Won Pat Subpoenaed to testify in $100M RFP protest


Speaker Judi Won Pat declined to comment on the matter.

Guam – In the ongoing Core Tech International Corp protest of the $100 million RFP for Simon Sanchez High School, Speaker Judi Won Pat has been subpoenaed to testify on the case.

Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks confirms that speaker Won Pat was subpoenaed as a witness for Core Tech International Corp, which is challenging the awarding of the $ 100 milllion dollar contract to renovate Simon Sanchez to the Guam Education Financing Foundation (GEFF). 

However, Brooks tells PNC that government legal counsel is opposing the subpoena and is requesting that the subpoena be quashed because Senator Won Pat is sitting Speaker of the Guam Legislature. 

The issue surrounds a borrowing cap on the RFP to renovate Simon Sanchez High School and 34 other GDOE schools.

Although the amount of $100 million is often associated with the contract limit, Speaker Won Pat had previously indicated in a letter to GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez that there is no cap for the borrowing capacity, which Core Tech legal counsel Attorney Joyce Tang calls “a very dangerous contract.”

Attorney Joyce Tang  further added that the lack of a borrowing cap gives GEFF “carte blanche on the amount it can borrow from the government, exploiting the people of Guam for the next 30 years.” 

Speaker Won Pat declined to comment on the matter.