Speaker Judith Won Pat Commends Local Business for Saipan Contribution


Speaker of the House, Judith Won Pat, thanks IHOP for their quick response to her quest to help Saipan.

Speaker Judith Won Pat Commends one local business, who has stepped forward in an effort to help aid Saipan, and she encourages other businesses to follow suit.


PNC met with Speaker Won Pat and business owner of IHOP, Hart this morning.  Won Pat told PNC how she met with IHOP management to discuss her plans to send drinking water to the distressed island and they responded without hesitation.  She seemed impressed by the fact that they are the newest restaurant to the island yet they were the first to respond.  Speaker Won Pat commends IHop for immediately responding to a call for need by already sending 160 cases of water, which will contribute to her goal of 500 cases to send to Saipan.  She commends the generosity of the business community and is asking that Guam does not wait on the federal government to kick in, but rather use the island spirit of generosity to bring immediate aid to fellow islanders in need on Saipan.


Rich Hart, Owner of IHOP, says that even if you only have one case it will still help.  He says anything helps.

If you would like to help Speaker Won Pat and local businesses reach the goal of 500 cases of water,  you can drop you’re your cases of drinking water to the Ayuda Foundation, your nearby Senators office, or Pika’s Cafe.