Speaker Tina Muna Barnes has unfinished business


Today Speaker Tina Muna Barnes gave Rotarians some insight into what she hopes to accomplish during her term in the 35th Guam Legislature. And while she certainly plans to introduce new bills, if you ask Barnes, her first order of business will be tending to unfinished business.

Said Barnes, “When I’m asked ‘what are your plans for this term? what will be your first bill?’ Let me share with you, I am going back into the books.”

The newly elected Speaker took time to address the Rotary Club of Guam, a group who is keenly aware of Guam’s socioeconomic standing. Making a guest appearance at the club’s weekly membership meeting at the Outrigger Guam Beach Resort at lunchtime. According to Barnes, legislation she authored in previous terms that was then passed into law, such as a Micronesian cruise route, revitalization of our recycling industry, taxation of foreign film productions, and the $23 million dollar Bed and Breakfast industry, have languished unimplemented. Failing to capitalize on these income opportunities is unacceptable, she says, for GovGuam and Guam citizens alike.

“Tax revenues are desperately needed in our cash strapped government. One near and dear to my heart, the KC Concepcion compassionate cannabis use act of 2014, introduced to help the many many people around our island suffering from debilitating health issues. No doubt the island will see a little economic stimulus from the program. Ladies and gentleman this November will mark 5 years since the law was voted by our people. This is 5 years too long,” Barnes stated.

Barnes also addressed other hot topics, such as the Federal Cockfighting Ban and even provided her personal number to assure constituents that her door is always open and that she can always be reached.