Speaker Won Pat & Sen. Muna-Barnes Concerned About Status of Programmatic Agreement


Guam – Senator Tina Muña Barnes, as Oversight Chair of Department of Parks and Recreation and Guam Preservation Trust, along with Speaker
Judi Won Pat, met this morning with newly appointed Director of Parks and Recreations, Peter Calvo.

During this meeting both Senators reiterated their concern regarding the Department of Defense’s new signature deadline for the Programmatic Agreement, its potential impact to the historic Pågat site, and their mutual request that Governor Calvo continue his commitment to preserve Guam’s Cultural heritage.

Senator Muna Barnes said, “As a Senator in the 30th Guam Legislature, Governor Calvo voted in favor of bipartisan resolutions that affirmed his commitment to Pågat, our cultural heritage, and the people of Guam. It is my hope that his commitment does not waiver at this crucial juncture. Like many of our citizens, I support a Guam Buildup that is fair to our citizens and our way of life. Litigation pending in the federal court will determine if all reasonable alternatives to Pågat were assessed prior to its selection.”

“I urge Governor Calvo to stand behind the State Historic Preservation Officer until such time as no other reasonable alternative is viable.”

Speaker Won Pat stated that, “The stance on the Programmatic Agreement is clear from all sides. Local and federal opinion is that this document is not good for Guam. We are united, and look forward to our new Governor’s statement of unity with our Legislature, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, the Guam Preservation Trust and the National Historic Preservation Trust, and the People of Guam. Our meeting tomorrow afternoon will confirm our unanimity.”

Governor Eddie Calvo supported Resolution 432-30, which established the Legislature’s view that the Programmatic Agreement was not sufficient and may in fact be damaging. Senator Tina Rose Muna Barnes, Speaker Won Pat, other members of the 31st Guam Legislature have confirmed a meeting with the Governor’s Director of Policy, Arthur Clark for tomorrow 1p.m. at the Office of the Speaker.