Speaker Won Pat Hopes to Tap FSM Funds to Help FSM Citizens Recover From Typhoon Dolphin


Guam – Speaker Judi Won Pat is asking the Federated States of Micronesia if they can use some compact impact funding to help out with FSM citizens who live on Guam who were affected by typhoon Dolphin


 The Speaker wrote a letter to newly elected FSM President Peter Christian to ask if the FSM can access the Disaster Assistance Emergency Fund which is a fund dedicated to meet immediate threats to the life, health, and safety of FSM residents in the event of a providentially-declared emergency or disaster. The speaker made this request after hearing that FSM citizens are not eligible to receive assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA.


 “The United States would put $200 thousand dollars and the Federated States of Micronesia would put in $200 thousand dollars into this fund and what this fund is called the Disaster Assistance Emergency Fund and it can be accessed by their government to be able to assist their citizens,” said Speaker Won Pat. The speaker says that the only thing that could prevent access to this fund could be the definition of the term resident. This fund is supposed to go towards residents of the FSM however the speaker points out that while FSM citizens may live on Guam they actually still vote in their home country.