Speaker Won Pat Provides Extended Responses to “We Are Guahan” Survey


Guam – Speaker Judi Won Pat has joined other Senators in responding to the survey on the Guam buildup from “We Are Guahan”, provided more comprehensive answers than the “yes” or “no” requested.

READ Speaker Won Pat’s response in FULL below:

Speaker Judith T. Won Pat responded to We Are Guahan’s survey. Below are her answers. Won Pat clarified her answers to the survey.

 Do you support the Department of Defense getting more land?  No.

“I and other leaders have always advocated for the return of excess lands back to the original landowners or to the government of Guam. Historically, lands have been returned to the people of Guam. And in recent years, the Navy has also expressed its desire to continue to return excess land and to decrease its footprint.”

Do you support the destruction of over 70 acres of coral reef to accommodate a nuclear aircraft carrier?  No.

“Coral reefs are in decline globally. We rely heavily on our tourism market, which I believe depends on a healthy coral reef community. Studies have shown that coral reefs provide coastal protection by buffering wave energy. Further, we have lost about 20 percent of coral reefs worldwide with another 15 percent in critical condition.

 Should the Department of Defense pay for impacts on our water system, wastewater  system, roads, port, schools and hospital?   Yes.

“This has been an ongoing discussion for many years since the time that the U.S. and Japan decided to ratify the realignment plan. Both governments agreed with local leaders that in order for the military and the civilian communities to live in a healthy sustainable environment, the challenges of infrastructure systems, schools and hospitals must be addressed.”

 Do you believe most people of Guam will benefit economically from the buildup?  Yes.

Do you support the military buildup? Yes, but only if questions 1, 2, and 3 are seriously addressed and adhered to.