Speaker Won Pat Supports Toys for Tots


Guam – Speaker Judi Won Pat donated unwrapped toys to the ‘Toys for Tots’ drive sponsored by the Commander, Joint Region Marianas, Rear Admiral Tilgham Payne, yesterday, Sunday, December 16, at Flag Circle in Nimitz Hill.

“I have always been appreciative of our men and women in uniform for their service and generosity in helping the People of Guam,” says Speaker Won Pat.

Speaker Won Pat invited several high school and college students to present the gifts to Rear Admiral and Mrs. Tilgham Payne yesterday afternoon.

Speaker Judith T. Won Pat, Ed.D., on behalf of Guam Legislature and the People of Guam extends an un dankulo na si Yu’os Ma’ase to Rear Admiral Payne and Mrs. Tilghman Payne, the Chamber of Commerce, Hagatna Mayor John Cruz, Agat Mayor Carol Sayama and Agat Vice Mayor Agustin Quintanilla for supporting ‘Toys for Tots,’ an initiative aimed at distributing toys to the less fortunate children in our community.  Approximately 50 people from a cross-section of the community were present at the Commander Joint Region Marianas Open House and ‘Toys for Tots’ drive.

Speaker Judith T. Won Pat, Ed.D. wishes the People of Guam a safe and prosperous holiday season and encourages the community to remember and assist those less fortunate than ourselves this festive holiday season.


[L to R: Staff from Commander, Joint Region Marianas, Leo Lee (Intern at Public Policy Institute), Rikki Orsini (UOG Student,and Seong Hwang (Intern at Public Policy Institute).]