Back From APIL, Wonpat Says Lawmakers Return With Ideas to Protect Guam’s Aquifer


Guam – Speaker Judi Wonpat has recently returned from the 30th general assembly of the Association of Pacific Island Legislatures in Palau that ended on June 17th. This year’s topic was “blue ocean the health of the pacific islanders”



 The speaker says the meeting focused on improving health and healthcare throughout the pacific especially in light of the rising costs of healthcare. However the speaker says a topic of major interest during the meeting was about protecting the water resources of pacific islands particularly their aquifers. She says a group presented some new technology that is supposed to protect aquifers from salt water intrusion. It involves creating a type of underground dam.

 “The underground dam is very critical for islands to consider very seriously because as the climate change occurs the water level starts to rise then especially our islands that are atolls low-lying atolls are already starting to get salt infiltration into their water system,” said Wonpat. The Speaker tells PNC that these underground dams prevent salt infiltration into aquifers and require less maintenance than above ground dams.