Special ceremony planned for slain former mayor


A special ceremony will be held for slain former Umatac Mayor Daniel Sanchez, although no funeral date has been set yet.

Sanchez served one term as the mayor of Umatac from 2005 to 2009. He was also a former Guam Police Department officer.

Angel Sablan, the executive director of the Mayors Council of Guam, said a special ceremony is always held for former and current mayors who pass away.

During that commemoration, the Mayors Council presents a certificate of memorium and resolution through the family.

Sablan said that Sanchez’s death was a complete shock to him.

He says that Umatac is a very small village and that everybody knows everyone.

“So it’s a shock, you know. Like I said, Humatak is a very tranquil small village and you don’t hear this happening every day especially in Humatak,” Sablan said.

He further stated that he knew Sanchez even before he served as mayor.

Sablan said that the former mayor was always a friendly person.

“He was a very personable guy, always outgoing, always smiling,” Sablan said.


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