Special needs student attacked at bus stop; aunt wants to raise awareness on bullying


Guam – Here’s an unfortunate situation of bullying for one middle school student with special needs: posted all over Facebook, an aunt shared the story of her nephew who was assaulted at a bus stop all because he stutters.

Barbara Aguilar posted pictures of her nephew’s bruised face on social media, noting that he was bullied at the school bus stop yesterday morning on his way to Benavente Middle School.

According to Aguilar, her nephew suffers from speech problems and stutters when he speaks. The other student who bullied her nephew was not identified, but Aguilar said her nephew reported that the student threw a rock at him and told him, “You stutter one more time and your nose will bleed.”

Aguilar says the student continued to assault her nephew who refused to fight back because he was always taught not to engage in any fighting. The victim continued to go to school and it wasn’t until after the child went home that Aguilar noticed her nephew had a bruise on his face.

Aguilar took her nephew to GRMC to get treated and reported the incident to police.

We reached out to the Guam Department of Education about the incident but have not received a response as of news time.