SPECIAL SESSION II: Respicio “Carefully Optimistic” Over Gov’s 3rd Budget Proposal


Guam -Rules Committee Chair Senator Rory Respicio says that he is “carefully optimistic” about Governor Eddie Calvo’s third budget proposal.

Senators convened in Special Session this morning shortly after 8 am to consider this latest budget from the Governor. They immediately recessed for 3 hours to review the Governor’s budget plan.

However Senator Respicio blamed the “Governor’s  intransigence” for the current budget stalemate sayingHe  is  the  one  who  said  ‘I  will  not  compromise.’”

The Governor’s new budget still calls for a $343 million dollar bond, but issued in 2 parts, over time.

Respicio takes that to be a concession to concerns raised by Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz who has warned that the budget cutting process in Washington may lead to serious cuts in Guam’s federal funding which could impede GovGuam’s ability to pay back the bond borrowing.

READ Senator Respicio’s release in FULL below:

September 6, 2011, 8:30AM
For Immediate Release

Legislature in Second Special Session

(Hagåtña, Guam) – Majority Leader and Rules Committee Chair Senator Rory J. Respicio reports that the Legislature went into Special Session
this  morning  at  the  call  of  I  Maga’lahen  Guåhan  to  address  his third budget bill, Bill No. 1(2‐S), the latest version of the government
budget for Fiscal Year 2012.

“I’m carefully optimistic about the Governor’s new proposal,” Respicio said.  “Earlier  in  this  process  he  announced  that  he  was  done
compromising. But Chief Deputy Attorney General Phil Tydingco, in his Information  and  Guidance  Memorandum  last  week,  wrote:  “If  the
Legislature  is  unable  to  revise  or  enact  a  vetoed  bill  via  legislative override, the government shuts down until the two branches work out a

Respicio  noted  that  the  Legislature  is  ready  to  work  with  the Governor.  “It’s  the  Governor’s  intransigence  that  has  placed  us  in
this  predicament;  he  is  the  one  who  said  ‘I  will  not  compromise.’  By acknowledging Vice Speaker Cruz’s concerns, the Governor recognizes
that  a  compromise  is  necessary,  and  that  the  upcoming  fiscal  actions of the Congress could present enormous challenges to Guam.”

Respicio  moved  for  a  recess  until  11:00  AM  to  give  time  for  senators to  review  this  new  proposal.  There  being  no  objections,  his  motion
carried.  The  Legislature  remains  in  recess  until  11:00  AM  today, Tuesday, September 6, 2011. The public can tune in on MCV Channel 13
or GUdTV Channel 21.