Who Has the $500-Thousand Sports Bingo Ticket?


Guam – Someone on Guam is nearly a half million dollars richer.

Sports Bingo’s representative, Garry Yeates says that a Guam resident is one of 5 people throughout Oceania who can claim a piece of the $2.5 million dollar Sports Bingo Prize.

The Guam winner has yet to step forward to claim their $500-thousand dollar share of the jackpot.

The Guam Olympic Committee sells the Sports Bingo tickets to raise money for the island’s Olympic team.

Yeates says that the Guam winner bought their ticket at the Mangilao Payless last Friday. They have 6 months to claim their award.

However, Yeates says they won’t be getting all of the $500-thousand. $100-thousand will go to Rev and Tax leaving the Guam winner with $400-thousand dollars to take home.

This latest Sports Bingo win for Guam follows a $2 million dollar winner in April of last year, and another Guam resident who picked up $500-thousand dollars in winnings in August of 2009.

“Guam is lucky,” said Yeates.

He adds that tonight’s Sports Bingo Jackpot is $18 million dollars.

Yeates says that the winning bidder can call 647-4665 to claim their prize.