VIDEO: SRO Helps Restore Order to GW Campus After Riot


Guam – What began as an argument amongst a small group of students at George Washington High School today quickly escalated into a fight drawing a crowd of onlookers.  School administrators credit their School Resource Officers for restoring peace to the campus.

“He told (the students) that their rioting would be punishable and so thats when the students started to listen and go back to class,” Assistant Principal Sophie Duenas said of how the schools SRO helped contain today’s situation. 

GW Discipline Principal Joel Punzalan tells PNC that after talking with the students involved today it appears only three were fighting originally but several others got involved in an attempt to help their friends.

No serious injuries were reported from the incident but some students did get bruised or scratched Punzalan says.  A school aid also had a bruise on her face from trying to restrain students.

Punzalan says he feels order was restored to the campus quickly.  The event is an example of why more school aides are needed at the school which has the island’s largest student population, Punzalon says.