VIDEO: Simon Sanchez High School on Alert After Parent Threatens to “Shoot the Kid”


Guam – Simon Sanchez High School was operating on a high-alert status Thursday after a parent made a threat in a hallway of the school Wednesday afternoon.

According Department of Education Deputy Superintendent Robert Malay the parent had been called to the school after their child was called to the office.  Police Officers had been called to the school as well, though Malay did not say why. 

While waiting for the police to arrive Malay says the parent got upset and said to her mother (the grandmother of the student) that she was going to get her gun and “Shoot the kid.” 

A class was out in the hallway and the parent suggested that she was going to shoot those kids as well.

Since DOE officials have not heard if the parent was taken into police custody or not Malay says officials were watching the school closely today.  School personnel have been watching the gates closely to monitor who is on campus