AG Claims Regulatory Agencies Told Not to Comply With His Office


Guam –  Attorney General Lenny Rapadas claims that the Governor’s Office is standing in the way of efforts by his office to investigate the conditions at Simon Sanchez High School.

Late this afternoon the AG’S office sent a press release stating that three of the four regulatory agencies in the School Safety Task Force have been told by the Governor’s Office not to comply with AG’s office.

“I am baffled by this act at this late date,” Rapadas is quoted in the news release. “And especially since the Simon Sanchez Students have gathered their reports and submitted their complaints to my office.”

Read the News Release from the Attorney General HERE


Meanwhile, Rapadas announced this morning that efforts to fully inspect the campus continue in an effort to make sure the facility is in compliance with the Adequate Education Act.

During a press conference this morning Rapadas announced that students, parents, and Leave Your Mark Teacher Gretchen Andres have submitted petitions, photographs, and written complaints documenting their concerns about the campus and asking that the school be rebuilt.

Regulatory agencies were on the campus over the weekend to take a look at the conditions, but Rapadas called the weekend visits assessments and says a full inspection may need to be done.  Rapadas says his office will review the reports being compiled by the regulatory agencies and follow-up with them on Friday.
Depending on the reports Rapadas says follow-up inspections could begin as early as Monday.

According to Rapadas’ news release however, regulatory agencies were told they did not need to attend this Friday’s meeting.  Rapadas says he was verbally advised that the agencies were instructed not to assist the OAG.