SSHS Undergoes Re-Inspection


Guam – Last night during the Guam Education Board meeting, Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez updated board members and other stakeholders of the status of Simon Sanchez High School.


Just last week, the Yigo campus was on the brink of a shutdown after a student complained that the school was filthy and unsafe.
After the Department of Public Health and Social Services conducted the first two days of their health inspection, Director James Gillan explains that demerits for the school jumped from 20 to 48, exceeding 40 demerits which warrants a closure of the school. 
However, he says the amount of demerits is constantly changing because some of the fixes can be addressed quickly such as patching up a hole in the wall, unclogging some restroom stalls, and replacing ceiling tiles.
Also last week, Governor Eddie Calvo says while DOE is waiting for the $100-million dollar RFP for school modernization to complete its final stages, he will be sending his agencies into the schools to assist with safety and cleanliness.
As of last night, GEB Chairmain Peter Alexcis Ada explains that DPHSS conducted a re-inspection of the Yigo campus today. He says DOE expects that the number of demerits drop to about 23 demerits after repairing the minor maintenance issues. Ada says the other problems the school faces deal with capital improvement.