St. Anthony Catholic School could face potential furloughs


“Among others, I have heard the word furlough,” said Archbishop Michael Byrnes.

Guam – Among other options, St. Anthony Catholic School could be considering furloughs as part of its efforts to fix the financial mess that they’re in, Coadjutor Archbishop Michael Byrnes confirmed for PNC today.

PNC learned that St. Anthony Catholic School, one of the more prominent catholic schools on island, is facing some financial challenges.

Archbishop Byrnes said the Archdiocese has sent a team to assist the St. Anthony administration in balancing their books.

St. Anthony is one of a handful of schools under the church’s jurisdiction that has been named as a defendant in the church sex abuse scandal. In both lawsuits that identify St. Anthony Catholic School as a party, a former music teacher was alleged to have been the sexual abuser.

Archbishop Byrnes says that the school is by no means in emergency mode, but potential furloughs may be an option down the road.

“I know they’re trying to–this is the case of balancing and they’re in a situation where they need to balance the books and among others, I have heard the word furlough,” said Byrnes.

The archbishop adds that the archdiocese is working with the St. Anthony administration to ensure a good and smooth school year for the students.