St. Anthony Catholic School to update parents on shooter threats

Fr. Mike Crisostomo

St. Anthony Catholic School in Tamuning will update families soon about the recent gun threats.

Parents and administration of the Catholic school are expected to have a virtual zoom meeting on April 8 to discuss the matter.

An active shooter threat occurred days before the Spring break began, which was April 3.

On March 29, St. Anthony Catholic School had to close its doors due to a reported note that threatened a shooting will occur 10 a.m. that day, which was found in the schools office.

The incident caused a school shutdown with armed officers on scene, and coincidentally, across the street at Tamuning Elementary School where there was a planned active shooter drill going on at the same time.

Then, the Catholic school kept its doors closed on March 30 as the Guam Police Department continued its investigation.

According to Pale Mike Crisostomo, in an interview on NewsTalk K57 with Patti Arroyo, the St. Anthony Catholic School had to shut down again on March 31 due to a second reported threat that was made, apparently from a song on a social media post.

“It was the Federal Bureau of Investigation that contacted us regarding a social media posting of some lyrics to a song,” said Crisostomo, the pastor of St. Anthony Catholic Church. “We discovered it was lyrics to a song that a student posted, and they flagged it and now they’re still doing the investigation on it. So as a potential threat they called us and we of course cancelled school again.”

As of April 5, no suspects have been identified for both incidents, and the title of the song has yet to be revealed, he said.

St. Anthony Catholic School’s parents should be contacted by school administration soon for the zoom link for April 8.