St. Francis Catholic Students Plant New Organic Farm


Guam – Teaching students gardening skills and the importance of nutrition is all part of a new lesson plan St Francis Catholic School hopes to accomplish with its new organic farm.  Friday morning the school had a ground breaking ceremony and during this event the students planted their first crop.

So far there are 16 public schools around the island that  have organic farms and St Francis is the first private school to have one. This project is led by the school’s “Go Green “ Club which comprises of 20 students. The Go Green club has taken the initiative to share their interest in gardening and nutrition with their peers.

 St Francis’ Administrator of Student Affairs Kevin Delgado says the whole school will  maintain and harvest this farm but the actual facilitators of the garden itself will be the “Go Green” Club. Delgado says this project will be incorporated into the schools curriculum.

Delgado says, “It can be cultural, educational, and agricultural. And we are actually allowing kids to begin the process of planting, maintenance and then eventually harvesting. And then they will have a sense of reward in the end.”

The Students carefully planted green onions, chives, hot peppers, egg plants and tomatoes. Delgado says this farm currently has two plots, but the school hopes to expand this farm within the coming year.

Senator – Elect Sam Mabini says this is a great experiential learning project.

She says That’s how I believe learning should be, its an integration of other courses as far as the legislature is concern, regarding workforce development. There are potential careers that these students can see by particating in whether its agriculture, environmental protection or farming.”

This project will help these future leaders of tomorrow learn first hand the importance of good nutrition. The students planted the vegatables today and in a few months it will be their lunch.