St. John’s Knights Earn Top Spots in Guam Nihongo Challenge Bowl


Guam – St. John’s School students earned top spots in Level 2 and Level 3 of the annual Guam Nihongo Challenge Bowl (GNCB).


The island-wide competition featured teams from seven (7) high schools on Guam with St. John’s School results as follows:

Level 2
1st place – Alisha Lai,Young Ho Yoo, Rachel (Ye Gyeong) Lee,
2nd place – Michelle Lin, Thomas Del Carmen, Donna Xuer,

Level 3
1st place – Charlson Ro, Andrew Matthews, Rachel Kim.

Other St. John’s students who participated are Bella Moon and Kali Benavente entered for Level 1. Kim Gomowad, Medwin DeCastro, and Ray
Bacalia entered for Level 3.  Haruka Aoki assisted as the timekeeper.

[L-R: Charlson Ro, Haruka Aoki, Medwin De Castro, Rachel (Ye Gyeong) Lee, Young Ho Yoo, Thomas Del Carmen, Donna Xeur, Michelle Lin, and Kim Gomowad. Not in photo are Rachel Kim, Alisha Lai, Bella Moon, Kali Benavente, and Ray Bacalia.]

The Guam Nihongo Challenge Bowl is an annual competition that began nine (9) years ago and is conducted by the Guam Nihongo Teachers
Association, also known as CuNTA. The purpose of the challenge bowl is to enhance high school student’s motivation and goal setting for the
study of Japanese. 

There are three levels: 1, 2 and 3. Each level the number of years students have been studying Japanese.  Each school may enter two (2)
teams per level.