St. John’s Students Win Big at 35th Annual Guam Island Wide Science Fair: 2 Named Overall Division Winners


Guam –  St. John’s School ninth grader Danielle Stephenson-Threatt and seventh-grader Nicholas Camacho were named Overall Winners in the Division 4 (high school) and Division 3 (middle school) age groups, respectively, at the 35th Annual Island Wide Science Fair held at the University of Guam.  Science fair winners were announced at the awards ceremony on Monday, May 27.

Danielle Stephenson-Threatt was the Division 4 age group Overall Winner, for her project, “Antimicrobial Properties of Local Medicinal Plants against E. coli.” Stephenson-Threatt won this year’s grand prize that entitles her to attend the NASA-sponsored Space Camp/Academy in Huntsville, Alabama, via Delta Airlines with help from MEC and IP&E, the major sponsors of this year’s science fair.  

Nicholas Camacho was the Division 3 age group Overall Winner for “Allelophathic Inhibition by the Leaves of Vitex Parviflora.” Camacho will receive a computer.  Danielle Stephenson-Threatt was the Division 3 age group Overall Winner the previous year.

Each year hundreds of Guam students showcase their knowledge at the island wide science fair. More than 600 students displayed their science projects this year.  Projects are judged by faculty from the University of Guam, military service members and volunteers from the community.

This year, St. John’s entered students in Divisions 2, 3, and 4.  At least one St. John’s student placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in five out of six categories. 

St. John’s science fair winning entries include:

1.      Chemistry Category-

·         Division 3
*   2nd place- Maia Ragar, grade 7, “Glucose Sugar Coated.”

·         Division 4
*   3rd place-  Annette Kang and Crystal Lee, grade 10, “Milk of Magnesia.”

2.      Ecology, Earth Science and Sustainability Category-

·         Division 3
*   1st place- Nicholas Camacho, grade 7, “Allelophathic Inhibition by the Leaves of Vitex Parviflora.”

*   2nd place- Davin Yang, grade 7, “Dust Busters.”

·         Division 4
*   1st place- Jia Jia Zhang, grade 9, “Leptospirosis and Yogurt Probiotics.”

3.      Energy and Inventions Category

·         Division 3
*   2nd place- Alexander Baldyga, grade 7 “Inductive Coupling and Interface Parameters.”

·         Division 4
*  1st Place (tie)- Linda Song, grade 11, “Determination of Octadecanoic Acid and Paraffin Wax as Renewable Energy Sources.”

4.      Human Medical Category

·         Division 3
*   2nd Place- Isabella Yu, grade 8, “Antibiotics:  The Fight Against E. coli.”

·         Division 4
*  1st place- Danielle Stephenson-Threatt, grade 9, “Antimicrobial Properties of Local Medicinal Plants against E. coli.”

5.      Physical Science Category

·         Division 2
*   3rd place- Taiga Simon, grade 4, “Does Temperature Affect the Formation of Crystals?”

The following students are also acknowledged by St. John’s School for their participation:  Sarah Wilkinson, Alice Yi, Sophia Mathews, Tyler Talai, Takumi Simon, Veronica Chua, Emily Hildreth, William Lee, Ha Eun Kim, and Franklin Lee.

Ms. Christine McCormic, Ms. Shayna Afaisen, Ms. Cindy Bell, Mrs. Arlene Chua, and Ms. Kathleen Plaza, all Teachers at St. John’s School, served as advisers.  Mr. Jon Robert Taitano, UOG Lab Technician, served as a volunteer mentor and technical assistant.

One of the ways in which St. John’s School supplements its core curriculum and school-wide learning outcomes is by supporting students in local, national, and international competitions and exhibits.

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