St. John’s Third Annual Sports Day and Wacky Olympics!


Guam – St. John’s School held its third annual Sports Day on Friday, March 1, 2013 resulting in the winning team, the House of Pelleus (green house), naming Guam Cancer Care as the beneficiary of St. John’s School’s Parent-Teacher-Association Outreach Program donation.

Sports Day is a full day of competitive games between four knights’ houses, King Arthur (purple house), Sir McCartney (orange house), Sir Lancelot (gold house) and Sir Pelleus (green house).  Students from grades 3 to 12 are divided and placed in a house and, in wearing the color of their adopted houses, compete in free throw contests, relay races, obstacle course, capture the flag, dodge ball, tug of war, table tennis, soccer and swimming. Lower grades, Pre-kindergarten through grade 2, wear lime green shirts and participated in Wacky Olympics on February 28th, a series of indoor games managed by parent volunteers.

Sports Day and Wacky Olympics are jointly coordinated by the Parent-Teacher-Association and the St. John’s School Physical Education department.  The goal of Sports Day is to foster a spirit of cooperation, pride, and unity through friendly athletic competition among and between teams. Parent volunteers and teachers play an active role in officiating games, cheering on students, and working closely with other volunteers and community partners.

The knights’ house with the most points gets to identify a local charity to receive a donation from the PTA’s Outreach program. Official end of the day results are:

1.      House of Sir Pelleus (green) with 656 points,

2.      House of Sir Lancelot (gold) with 637 points,

3.      House of King Arthur (purple) with 619 points, and

4.      Sir McCartney (orange) with 543 points. 

Sports Day culminated with a “Harlem Shuffle” dance competition following the announcement of winners.

PTO Event Coordinator Dorothy Chavez states “it was a good chunk of hard work and good fun. It’s rewarding to see that the house system fosters a sense of spirit, creativity, camaraderie and unity among participants.” Chavez thanks everyone involved for making the event a success.

Competition between the knights houses will continue through the year.  At the end of the year and in keeping with tradition, the house with the most points will be awarded a 4 foot trophy from the previous year’s winner.