St. Luke’s and GMH Discuss Long-Term Partnership


St. Luke’s Medical Center CEO Dr. Edgardo Cortez and GMH CEO Ted Lewis had a meeting this morning to discuss this future partnership.

Guam – Executives from St. Luke’s Medical Center are on island meeting with officials from the Guam Memorial Hospital to talk about a long-term partnership that aims to benefit the Guam community even further.


St. Luke’s CEO Dr. Edgardo Cortez met with GMH CEO Ted Lewis this morning to discuss this partnership. Although he could not go into details, Dr. Cortez says St. Luke’s and GMH will collaborate on ideas for this project.

The goal, however, is clear. Dr. Cortez says it is to fill the gaps in services provided by GMH so that patients will have more services available to them here on Guam. 

“One [idea] is the exchange program with the doctors in Guam and we welcome them to go to St. Luke’s for additional exposure and we also would like to go into healthcare services where missing specialty services in GMH can be augmented by our capability,” explains Dr. Cortez. “So we’d like to strengthen that and see how we can augment this so that we can form a partnership that is lasting, that is also nurturing for the people of Guam.”

St. Luke’s Medical Center has been servicing patients from Guam for many years. Their local office, called Phil MD is located at the Micronesia Mall.