St. Luke’s and Resorts World Partner to Offer Discounted Rates to Guam Residents


Guam residents can now take advantage of discounted rates at Resorts World Manila when seeking treatment at St. Luke’s Medical Center at Global City. A free shuttle service will also be available.

Guam – If you have plans to travel to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Manila, some good news. The hospital has just partnered with Resorts World Manila to offer Guam residents discounted rates at some of their hotels.


St. Luke’s Assistant VP of Marketing Jo Aguilar says they’re excited to partner with Resorts World as it expands their services to the people of Guam. Aguilar says Guam residents can even book everything through their Guam office Phil MD, which is located at Micronesia Mall.

The two hotels that will offer the discounted rates are the Belmont and Remington. At the Belmont, the standard rate is 11,200 pesos, but for Guam residents who have appointments at St. Luke’s, the new rate will be 3,000 pesos, or roughly $65 a night.

At Remington, the rate will go down from 6,000 pesos to just 2,750 pesos, or about $60.


“In addition is the breakfast for two for free and the free shuttle service from the hotel to St. Luke’s and of course from the airport. So the idea is not only that we look at the welfare of the patient but as well as the family members, and Resorts World is providing that side of entertainment because they have a mall; because the family members are not sick and you also have to take care of the family members taking care of the patient. So that’s the benefit that we know the patients from Guam, the family members of the patients from Guam will really appreciate,” explains Aguilar.

Aguilar says that the partnership was established because of a growing demand for lodging for patients and family who travel from Guam.






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