Stabbing victim dies; mayor calls for vigilance

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What began as horseplay appears to have turned deadly as the victim in last Thursday’s stabbing has died.

Tamuning Mayor Louise Rivera told the Pacific News Center that she was informed that the victim, Stanely Soulik, has died.

Soulik suffered a puncture wound to his lower extremities, according to GFD Spokesman Kevin Reily.

“It’s my understanding both individuals were drunk. We don’t know what the cause of it was but they were both family members,” Tamuning Mayor Louise Rivera said, referring to the incident on Camacho street.

Court documents say that the accused, Rusty Rusauo, arrived at the victim’s Tamuning apartment in a highly intoxicated state and that the two men began playing with a machete when police say Rusauo stabbed the victim’s left leg.

A witness told police that the victim identified Rusauo as the perpetrator and that he was seen concealing the bloodied jersey he was wearing with another jersey. Police say they found Rusauo a mile from the victim’s apartment and that he did not know where the blood came from, further telling police that he had consumed over a case of beer.

The Tamuning mayor says she has reached out to the family of the victim but has not been able to locate them. She is hopeful to make contact this week. The news of the stabbing death has raised public safety concerns from Mayor Rivera.

“That area close by on that street … there is a store there and of course a bar. And so, even with me monitoring the bus stop in the morning, I see individuals walking by in the morning with beer. I worry about the kids going to and from the bus stop and just that area,” the mayor said.

The area is frequented by pedestrians and residents in the area have reported trespassing.

“You know, after they have been drinking, they’re drunk already and going into properties and taking fruits without permission … you know just causing problems,” the mayor said.

She is calling on Tamuning residents to be vigilant in reporting any suspicious behavior.

Rusauo was initially arrested on aggravated assault with the special allegation of use of a deadly weapon, but that charge may now be upgraded to murder.


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