“Stand Your Ground” bill proposed to augment Castle Doctrine


Guam – Senator Joe San Agustin has introduced a stand your ground bill.

Bill 149 would give residents the right to stand their ground if they reasonably believe that his or her safety is threatened by another person. Essentially people will not be required to retreat before being able to act with force in self-defense. It’s an expansion of the castle doctrine law which enables a person to defend him or herself immediately if they have a reasonable belief that they are in danger of death, serious bodily harm, kidnapping, rape or sodomy compelled by force or threat. Without fear of later prosecution or civil liability “for a split-second decision made while in reasonable fear of danger.”

Senator San Agustin said, “We always have to understand and the people of Guam need to understand that when we introduce the stand your ground that doesn’t mean that your gonna have to do the Chamoru outcry and haa! And do that stuff right and wanna fight all the time no.”

“Does it allow the use of up to deadly force?” asked PNC. “Whatever force required,” replied San Agustin adding, “There’s gotta be reasonable belief not just the want to hurt somebody that’s a crime we want to make sure everybody understands that. This is not an open law to say you can go down and do the wild wild west. He threatened me ima shoot him now. Nope it does not allow that.”

The bill applies the stand your ground rule to the home, the work place, a vehicle, or any place that the person has a right to be in.