Stargazers Candlelight Vigil Rescheduled to Sunday


The Stargazers candlelight vigil to honor and remember Saturday’s hit and run victims Cherrica, Saly and Julia has been rescheduled. 

Natewined Foundation says at the request of the victims’ families, the vigil has been rescheduled for Sunday December 7th instead of Saturday.

Founder Nate Winis says for anyone who would like to participate, the meeting location is at the accident site in Yigo on Chalan Ramirez at 7 PM.

He says candles, glowsticks and luminaries will be provided. 

Visit Natewined Foundation on Facebook for more information. 


  1. If the police have a suspect, why have there been no arrests? The families of these 3 girls deserve to know what the police are doing to bring the individual responsible for killing these 3 girls to justice.

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