State of the Union React: Minority Leader Blas – “Change in Tone Needed for Guam Survivors”


Guam – Minority Leader and Senator Frank Blas Jr. released the following statement in response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address.
“President Obama focused on jobs and the economy, issues that concern all of us.”  

“The tragic shooting in Tucson Arizona changed the national tone of discussion.  The unresolved issue between Guam and our nation regarding Guam Survivors has blurred discussion in Guam’s build-up.  I pray for a change in tone in the U.S. Senate concerning Guam Survivors so we can resolve it before they all pass away.   

“Guam survivors were brutalized, beheaded, raped and forced into servitude for two and half years. All Asian, European and US victims of World War II have been compensated.  Only Guam survivors remain unrecognized or uncompensated.  This is not the way to treat survivors of a war who’ve sacrificed more lives and land per capita in defense of our nation. Who have and continue to raise U.S. patriots, veterans and servicemen. It’s not the America we know, honor and defend.”   

“Many of Guam Survivors fervent supporters are US Marines and servicemen who liberated Guam or served on our island.”