Stickers Express holding grand opening May 20 at Agana Shopping Center

The exterior of Stickers Express in Agana Shopping Center. Photo by PNC's Isaiah Aguon

Stickers Express in Hagatna has been operating its business on Guam for 26 years, printing banners, t-shirts, and stickers for customers.

Elaine Takashi, the owner of Stickers Express, told the Pacific News Center how the idea of the business came about.

“My husband was the one who wanted to start the business,” said Takashi. “He thought about doing stickers, signages and stuff like that. That is how he started so many years ago. He’s tired of working for other people. So, he ended up doing it and here we are doing it now.”

Elaine Takashi, the owner of Stickers Express, talks with the Pacific News Center on May 17 at its location in the Agana Shopping Center. Photo by PNC’s Isaiah Aguon

Same day printing stickers, t-shirts, and banners are some of the products Stickers Express offers to patrons of the Agana Shopping Center.

“We can print t-shirts, stickers, and banners,” she said. “We do it while you’re waiting and if we aren’t so busy then we do it the same day.”

Prices range from customized stickers for $5 to windshield size stickers at $20. The company also prints multiple colored t-shirts for $25.

Overall feedback from customers has been positive.

“They love the outcome of t-shirts, stickers and banners,” Takashi said. “Sometimes I cut it and they will just watch me peel the stickers. They are so amazed at how it is being done.”

For the last 13 years, Stickers Express has been located in the Agana MarketPlace in the Agana Shopping Center. It has now moved into a new and bigger location across the MarketPlace, which is holding its grand opening on May 20.

She shared with PNC what patrons can expect.

“My grand opening is May 20,” Takashi said. “We will be giving out items, free stuff, and we have other donations from companies that we will be giving out also. We will be giving out stickers, and t-shirts. We will print on the same day if you win the raffle.”

For more information, contact Stickers Express at 671-989-8615.