Still in A Vulnerable State, GPA Looks To Extend Interruptible Load Program


There is no timeline on the repair of TEMES CT.

Guam – Still struggling to maintain adequate reserve, the Guam Power Authority is looking to re-ignite its interruptible load program, which ended in March.


The program was tapped on September 23 of last year with the intention of removing large-scale customers off the grid to free up 14 mw of electricity during peak time and load shedding. Initially the i-l-p was approved for a six month run, which ended March 23. However, with the loss of two backup units–TEMES and Yigo CT, the authority is again requesting the help of large customers. GPA is requesting that the program run through august of 2016 which will help when Cabras one, MEC 8 and 9, Yigo and TEMES all go down periodically for maintenance and/or repairs. According to GPA, the cost associated with the program is $92,500 a month, if GPA uses all 15 participants. There is no timeline on the repair of TEMES CT.