Still Not Certain if Insurance Will Cover Repair of Cabras 3 or Replacement of Cabras 4


The CCU tabled resolutions to move forward with reparirs because there is no written statement from the insurance company saying they will pay GPA’s claim.

Guam – It’s not clear yet whether or not the insurance company will pay GPA’s claim for the repair of Cabras 3 or the replacement of Cabras 4.


 The Consolidated Commission on Utilities is tabling a couple of resolutions that would allow the Guam Power Authority to move forward with repairing Cabras 3 because the commission is concerned that there is no written statement from the insurance company saying they will pay GPA’s claim. The rehabilitation of Cabras 3 is expected to cost around $40 million dollars. This includes nearly $17 million for engine repairs and close to $16 million for building repairs.

 “The main reason we tabled it, is that we wanted to make sure we are going to get the insurance proceeds,” said CCU Commissioner Simon Sanchez. “Cabras 4, the consensus is it’s a total loss, so we will have a negotiate a claim for the total loss. Cabras 3, the initial consensus from the GPA perspective is to rehabilitate and repair Cabras 3. Cabras 3 was running the night of the explosion [and] the explosion was to Cabras 4. They’ve given [GPA] verbal instruction to continue with Cabras 3 as a rehabilitation project, not as a total replacement.”

 At the CCU meeting Tuesday, Benavente warned the commission that these numbers are estimates and the price could go up, or down depending on multiple investigations.


  1. GeeWhizzzzz! GQPUBLIC has concerns GPA can’t interpret its own Insurance policy! Insurance company WILL TRY TO SHORT CHANGE THE IGNORANT INSUREE! Or did GPA go for the cheaper Insurance policy thinking CABRAS 3 and or CABRAS 4 would never reach total annihilation/destruction considering the probable low end maintenance GPA adheres to! Recent GPA RFP for BATTERY had to be REDONE due to failure of technical requirements or whatever! GPA not the sharp tack like AG! Jest gotta wonder! Jest gotta spiff it out!

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