Storm check list: Plan & Prepare


Guam – Proper planning and preparation is key, in anticipation of what has been rumored to be the worst typhoon to hit the Marianas in over a decade. Currently declared a Category 3 Storm, Tropical Storm Mangkhut is expected to hit the region by Tuesday, here are some of the steps you can take that will ensure your safety and that of your family. 

Storm Kits: Keep kits in containers or bags that are easy to take with you in the event of necessary evacuation. Do not pack more than you can carry.

  1. Food & Water: Prepare no less than a 3-day supply of food (non-perishables) and water (1 gallon a day per person), if you have pets do not forget to prepare their share.
  2. Keep Updated: Monitor the storm’s progression. Live updates will be made available on PNC News First (broadcasted and online –, Facebook and Instagram) as well as on our sister radio stations News Talk K57, Power 98, 105.1 Kat FM, and 99.5 The Shark.
  3. Additional Essentials: Clothing suitable for weather conditions, important family documents secured in water-proof cases, first-aid kits, medication, infant necessities (diapers, bottles, formula, etc.), personal hygiene products and toiletries, flashlights, extra batteries, candles, matches, lighters, fuel (for vehicles and generators), portable stoves and butane gas, paper products, etc.
  4. Medical Conditions: If you have a medical condition that requires electrical equiptment, make arrangements with friends or family with a reliable generator or your local hospital. More information will be made avaible regarding additional accommodations.

Outdoor Preparations: Put your shutters up, take down canopies, secure any outdoor furniture, clear loose debris around your yard that may become airborne, trim large trees in close proximity to your home that may cause damage to your property, take down any temporary signs including political/advertising, ensure your vehicles are fueled and parked in an area safe from flying debris or flooding but also easily accessible in the event that you must evacuate.

Indoor Preparations: Ensure light sources (flashlights/candles/matches/lighters) are easily accessible, unplug all appliances and switch off energy breakers and gas valves, ensure that your storm kits are well stocked and that family members know where they are, secure important documents in a water-proof casing, if your home is prone to flooding remove all items that you do not want wet (electric cords, carpets, etc.) and if necessary cover furniture with plastic tarps to avoid water damage, fill up sinks, bathtubs, plastic containers and/or drums with water, ensure the safety of your outdoor pets as their lives depend on you, ensure that your radio or any other communication device is charged and online to allow you to monitor weather conditions, ensure every family member understand your emergency plan.

Emergency Shelters: Should you need to evacuate your homes, emergency shelters throughout the island will open by Monday morning.

1. Northern Shelters – Astumbo, Maria Ulloa, Machananao, and Upi Elementary Schools and F.B. Leon Guerrero Middle School.

2. Central Shelters – Carbullido Elementary School and George Washington High School.

3. Southern Shelters – M.U. Lujan, Merizo, Talofofo and Harry S. Truman Elementary Schools and Inarajan Middle School.

What to take with you: The storm kits that you have pre-packed in easily transportable containers or bags should include enough supplies for your family but must also be no more than you are able to carry. Sleeping bags, blankets and pillows should also be packed in the event that an over-night stay is required. Should you have a medical condition that requires special accommodations, notify emergency shelter staff. Identification documents may also be required upon registration.