Survivor of auto-pedestrian accident that killed his wife says he has no money to bury her

Thasku Joseph is now bedridden and in emotional turmoil as he says he can't bury his wife.
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Thasku Joseph and Akimine Walter had been together since 1993.

For the past two years they lived in Mangilao and often walked to the nearby stores, despite their disabilities.

Last week, tragedy struck when on one of their trips to the store they were hit by a gray sedan on Route 10 near the Mobil gas station.

Akimine Walter died. Thasku Joseph survived, but he is now bedridden and in emotional turmoil because he has no money to bury his wife.

“Until now, my family doesn’t have the money to support the body of my wife for the funeral,” Joseph said.

He recalls the night they were both hit by a gray Lexus sedan.

“The night my wife and I get into the accident. I saw two cars coming and one is going 30 to 35 and one is coming like 60 to 70 and we were in the center lane. She tried to step forward and I saw the car coming so fast. I tried to pull her back but it’s too late we were already hit and I didn’t know what happened after that,” Joseph said.

When he woke up on the stretcher, Joseph says he immediately questioned where his wife was.

“I don’t know who’s the real driver and if they have a driver’s license or if they have insurance for their car. I don’t know where the car is at. I want to find out the truth and you know this is part of the police investigation … I don’t know if they investigate the truth of the car and who’s the driver. You know, that’s their responsibility,” Joseph said.

Joseph said he was released from the Guam Memorial Hospital in the early morning hours following the crash. He suffered injuries to his head, arms, and left leg. Since the crash, he has been bedridden.

“They only x-ray my broken head, this here, but they don’t x-ray my leg where the car hit. I can not sleep at night very painful, I cannot go to the restroom,” Joseph said.