Student knocked unconscious, hospitalized in bloody fight video


The student hit his head on the pavement and blood can be seen in the video.

Guam – A student was hospitalized overnight after he was knocked unconscious during a fight at George Washington High School.


And now school administrators and police are investigating. The disturbing fight was caught on camera Wednesday. Two students are seen getting into a fighting stance and then going at each other. But the fight takes a dangerous turn when one student lands a high kick to the other student’s face, knocking him unconscious. The student then fall straight back to the ground, hitting his head on the pavement.


Acting Superintendent of Education Joe Sanchez says a school nurse and a school resource officer immediately responded and medics were called to the scene.


“He was transported to [Guam Memorial Hospital] and stayed overnight for observation. I was told that he received a CT scan and then later on, some time early morning, he was released to his parents and they’re monitoring him,” said Sanchez.


Sanchez said in addition to a school investigation, Guam police are also looking into the matter.


“I believe the first thing, they’ll be working with the school. If arrests do need to take place and what not, they’ll make that decision but a lot of that will be done in collaboration with the school,” noted Sanchez.


School fight videos are not uncommon and in fact, several fight videos made headlines in recent years. But this particular video appeared to be more disturbing as the student was knocked unconscious and hit his head hit the pavement. At the end of the video, the other student who landed the kick is seen rushing to his aid and trying to wake him up by slapping his face. He then picks up his head with his hand where blood can be seen. 


This video comes just a few weeks after a similar video circulated on social media of body boarder Brian Cruz. Cruz was also knocked unconscious; his head also slammed into the pavement. Unfortunately, Cruz succumbed to his injuries which were described by the medical examiner as a severe skull fracture. The man accused of delivering the fatal blow, Jaycee White, is now facing manslaughter charges.


“It’s very troubling … it may not even be the initial hit whether it be a punch or a kick, but if the individual falls down and hits their head on the pavement, or any type of object or if there’s sharp objects around and you’re falling on top of them there could be some serious injuries,” Sanchez pointed out.


While a student was hospitalized as a result of this particular fight, Sanchez says on a positive note, this could serve as a lesson for students who engage in this kind of behavior.


“Unfortunately we can use this as a teachable moment. These students need to understand that you don’t have to wait to the point where someone gets injured. You can think ahead and know that, ‘Hey, this could result in physical injury and unfortunately, sometimes it could be fatal.’ In this particular case, thank God it wasn’t fatal but this is a chance for us to kind of remind all students that you really need to think about the decisions that you make when you engage in activities like this,” said Sanchez.