Student-led survey puts Aguon ahead in gubernatorial polls

Simon Sanchez High School (PNC file photo)

Guam – Students of Simon Sanchez High School conducted surveys in April to measure the opinions of over 1,000 registered Guam voters on a variety of hot button issues.

The question as to whom the participants would vote for in the gubernatorial election should the election be held today, produced interesting results.

With no clear front runner, “Undecided” topped the poll with 35 percent of votes.

Senator Frank Aguon Jr. held a narrow lead over Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio, and they take second and third positions in the poll, with 16 percent of votes and 15 percent of votes, respectively.

Former Senator Lou Leon Guerrero took the fourth position, followed by Former Governor Carl Gutierrez in fifth position, ending with Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. in the sixth position.

With the back and forth finger pointing between the governor and the legislature as to whom is to blame for the current financial crisis facing GovGuam, the poll results show 42 percent of voters placing blame on the governor.

The legislature ranks second with 29 percent of votes while the Trump Tax Cuts follow in a close third with 26 percent of votes. North Korea ranks a low fourth with only 3 percent of votes.

The recent approval of a tax increases has island residents worried about rising costs of living. Over 66 percent of those surveyed indicated they saw no improvement or a worsening of their financial situation over the last eight years.

In response to these worries, a question asked whether or not voters would re-elect the senators that approved the recent tax increases. An overwhelming 79 percent responded that they would not.

Furthermore, in light of recent attention to school shootings and amidst intense gun debates, a question was asked whether Guam’s teachers should carry guns in public schools. 74 percent of those surveyed were not in favor, while 26 percent were.

Additionally, while a cash-strapped government and ban on casino gambling has affected the status of the liberation carnival, questions on funding sources remain.

A question was posed as to whether or not casino gambling strictly in hotels could be supported. 43 percent of those surveyed were in favor while 57 percent were not.