Students Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with Day of Service

Today, the island is celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is usually observed on the third Monday of January each year held around King’s birthday, January 15.

Guam – Some residents are enjoying the day off while others are learning more about public service and volunteerism. Students from around the island learned more about and sign up for Service Learning hours.


Emcee for MLK Day of Service Louie Roque says, “We’re just remembering what he wanted us to do for the community, not just as adults but as high school students, and it’s also great for high school students to get Service Learning as well.”
Every year, the Governor’s Serve Guam Commission along with the AmeriCorps Program holds an MLK Day of Service. According to the organizers, MLK’s legacy of freedom and justice for everyone, no matter their race or gender, encourages us all to live up to the purpose and potential of America. The MLK Day of Service is a way to transform these ideas into community action that helps solve social problems.
Roque explains, “We have the AmeriCrops programs and they’re the ones directing high school students. We have all the high schools here. They’re helping and teaching them what their programs are about and helping out the students.”
Program Director of AmeriCorps Pa’a and MLK Chairperson Heidi Quinata says today we answer Dr. King’s call to serve and are making a difference in the lives of Guamanian residents. We even asked how the students feel about MLK Day or what they learned from the MLK Day of Service. 
“That it’s good to help your community and it was fun.”
“What Abraham Lincoln said, “Whatever you’re going to be, be a good one.”
“Do what you can for your community and it’ll make a change”
“I love it the most because MLK’s inspiration was Ghandi and just like him, he wanted to make sure that everyone is equal. There’s no segregation between religions, cultures, ethnicities. We’re all humans.”
Happy MLK Day!