Students Compete in Gerran Kaddon Pika


The next couple events for Silibrasion Gupot Chamorro are the coconut leaf weaving competition and the galaide building competition that will take place this Saturday at the Agana Shopping Center. 

Guam – Over the weekend, there was a food fight among the schools over who can cook the best hot and spicy chicken.


The event was called Geran Kaddon Pika and it was part of the Department of Education’s Silibrasion Gupot Chamoru 2016. Over 11 schools from around the island, ranging from elementary, middle and high schools, prepared a spicy chicken dish for the judges.

According to Sinot Jimmy Santos Teria, before the competition at Gef Pago, students competed in the school level, so the students that participated in the competition are considered the best of the best. He says, “It’s amazing to see the kids come out and participate with what they have learned and share with the community, to showcase their Chamorro culture and Chamorro pride. Biba Chamorro!”

Sinora Rufina Mendiola says, “The exciting part is that even though I didn’t try the chicken because I’m not a judge, I can feel it. All the judges are super hot but they kept eating all the chicken. A lot of their judges, it’s their first time and they’re excited for next year again. It shows that this event is something good and it’s an event to look forward to for next year.”