Students, DPW Employees and Superior Court Jurors at Risk of TB


If you are a student riding Bus #72, an employee of Department of Public Works, or have had jury duty at the Superior Court of Guam, you may have been exposed to tuberculosis.


Public Health is working hard to identify all close contacts to an active case of TB. According to the news release, all identified contacts recommended to undergo TB screening will be notified by letter. 

Symptoms of the disease include: bad cough that lasts longer than two weeks, coughing up bloody phlegm, weakness or fatigue, chills, weight loss, fever and night sweats. However, it takes anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks for symptoms to show up. 
A free PPD skin test will be provided beginning January 5th to to all identified contacts from DPW, the Superior Court of Guam’s Jury Unit and Jurors, and student riders on Bus #72 from the following DOE schools: Daniel L. Perez Elementary School, Upi Elementary School, Machanao Elementary School, F.B. Leon Guerrero Middle School and Simon Sanchez High School. 
Those who do not not complete the required TB skin test will be excluded from work, jury duty or school until the TB skin test has been completed. For more information call public health’s TB Control Program at 735-7145.

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