Students learn sustainable technologies in summer program

Students from the ages of 14-17 participated in the program where they got to learn all about sustainability and developing a solar pergola.

Robotics, drones, and sustainable technology are what high school students at the STEEP program are getting their hands on this summer!

Teens from the ages of 14 to 17 are participating in this year’s Sustainable Technologies and Environmental Education Program, or STEEP, at the Guam Community College.

This summer program engages our island’s youth with hands-on activities so that they can leave with a new perspective on our natural environment.

The program will cover topics such as island sustainability, energy/fossil fuels, renewable energy, innovative sustainable design, basics of robotics and drones.

PNC stopped by during one of their sessions for an inside look at some of their activities.

“What we’re essentially trying to teach students is to be more independent for ourselves from food production to producing our own energy because what’s happening now is we don’t really feel the challenges of climate change per se. But the future generations will feel it and so we’re trying to minimize the impacts or even prevent the impacts from happening in the future by trying to educate the students about these things,” STEEP coordinator Francisco “Kiko” Palacios said.

During the sessions, students were taught how to assemble miniature wind turbine generators. This was one hands-on exercise where students are able to learn how to produce their own energy.

In addition to these short activities, every session students are tasked with a final project in line with the theme of sustainable technology.

“So one of the big projects that these students are going to be doing for this summer program is that they are going to be designing a solar pergola off autocat and they’re going to be actually building the solar pergola so that the students in the regular semester can use it to charge their laptops and their cellphones,” Palacios said.

Their final project will be showcased on their last day. STEEP is a 4-week long program, which started on Monday, June 17 and will end on July 12.

The STEEP program will return for their winter session.

For more information, you may contact Kiko Palacios at 735-5638.