Students Show More Interest In Re-Formatted Chamorro Language Competition


Guam – The annual Chamorro Language Competition, or “Inacha’igen Fino’ Chamoru” kicked off Monday afternoon at the University of Guam (UOG).

Over 700 students and 70 teachers and coaches are participating from about 29 schools on Guam and the CNMI. Different competitive categories include spelling, storytelling, poetry, cultural dance, chanting and proficiency. Coordinator Rosa Salas Palomo says the two day competition format is one of three major changes the organizers planned for the event. The other two changes include replacing the word “Kompetasion” with “Inacha’igen”, which means to beat, excel or challenge, and utilizing the UOG CLASS Lecture Hall. She feels more students are showing more interest in the language than in previous years.

“There’s a greater interest and so this is one of the ways we can showcase the students and what they can do” said Palomo. “I hope they don’t stop. You know, don’t wait until next year when it’s competition time right?”

Palomo also thanks various judges, numerous sponsors, and Chamorro faculty members at the University of Guam for contributing to the event. The Chamorro Language Competition will continue tomorrow [Tuesday] at the UOG fieldhouse from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m..