Sudden Death Games For BBL Playoffs Start Tonight


Guam – Tonight we will find out who will be the third seeded team in this year’s Budweiser Baseball season, the Moylan’s ODC Braves or Bank Of Guam Athletics.  The loser will be placed in the third seed and the winner will go to challenge the A.K. Islanders on Sunday night where the winner will take the first place seed and the loser takes second.

With this schedule, it seems that the Islanders are the ones that got a break.  They only have to play one game for a possible first place seed, whereas the A’s and the Braves need to win two games in order to claim the first seed.  This could also be in favor for the Islanders considering they have more resting time but we all know that sometimes a long break in sports could result in a overconfident, lackluster performance.  But then again, this is AK we’re talking about here and lackluster performances are not in their  style.

Some would argue that the schedule should been whoever wins tonight should get seeded first and the loser plays AK for the second place spot.  But that’s not how it is.

Between these three teams, the prime spot would be to take the top seed because the they will challenge the fourth seeded Agana Heights Docomo Reds and what seems to be the easier playoff series.

But no matter how this plays out, two of the three will see each other in the playoffs and a great series to get us warmed up for the Final Series.

Tonight’s game starts at seven and Sunday’s game starts at 7:00pm.  Both games are at Paseo Stadium.