SummerJam Basketball 3rd Week Results


Tamuning, Guam – together with Bank of Guam and Aloha Maid presented it’s third weekend of games on July 4 to July 8 in the 9th annual SummerJam Youth Basketball Tournament.

Game results:

8U Coed Division: Tamuning Typhoons II (22), Asan Maina Rai (14); MTM Falcons (20), Tamuning Typhoons I (16); Inarajan Heat (24), Sixers Club (10).

10U Coed Division: Asan Maina Rai (30), Inarajan Heat (12); Sixers Club (22), Tamuning Typhoons (10).

12U Coed Division: Asan Maina Rai (25), Tamuning Typhoons II (11); Inarajan Heat (43), MTM Falcons (10).

14U Competitive Division: Sixers Club (40), Tamuning Typhoons (33); Asan Maina Rai (34), Inarajan Heat (25).

14U Recreation Division: Asan Maina Rai I (61), Golden Eagles (19); Inarajan Heat (45), Tamuning Typhoons (17).

16U Competitive Division: Sixers Club (51), MTM Falcons II (21); MTM Falcons I (41), Tamuning Typhoons (33); Asan Maina Rai (40), Inarajan Heat (32).

18U Competitive Division: Inarajan Heat (55), DBL Club (53); Northern All Stars (45), Sixers Club (27); Team Pure (57), MTM Falcons (36).

18U Recreation Division: Cobras II (win), Inarajan Heat (forfeit); Asan Maina Rai II (42), Golden Eagles (17); Thunder Cats (42), Inarajan Heat (30); Cobras I (39), Asan Maina Rai II (32)

25U Men’s Varsity Division: DLX All Stars (59), Asan Maina Rai (53); Inarajan Hawks (55), MTM Falcons (46); Tamuning Typhoons (71), Sixers Club (41); Four Stars (54), Malesso Club (46).

Games continue all week starting at 5pm with the final game being played at 8pm.

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Information from a press release.