Summit Prepares Students for Emergencies

About 500 young individuals in the community are now better equipped with skills when it comes to emergency preparedness and volunteer-ism.

Guam – That’s because they attended the offices of Homeland Security and Civil Defense’s 2015 Guam Volunteers, Youth Preparedness, and Leadership Summit this past weekend. Along with the Governor’s Serve Guam Commission, the Homeland Security held this summit to provide the principles of a Guam Youth Preparedness Coalition. This year’s theme is “Volunteerism in Service” and covered topics such as youth preparedness and service learning. Basically, Homeland Security’s Public Information Officer Jenna Gaminde explains students learned how to prepare for an emergency and how to tie that into helping the community. 

Gaminde says, “The theme of this summit is volunteerism in service and so we’re really trying to collaborate with all for the youth around the island and get them heavily involved with the preparedness and volunteerism with emergency preparedness. We had roughly 500 young individuals from the community students from various schools that are really heavily involved with volunteer-ism and Americorp programs Serve Guam and really trying to get involved with emergency preparedness.”


Gaminde says representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency also assisted in the summit.