Guam War Survivors Remembrance Day

“Sentimental Journey 4 is a production combining digitally remastered segments of a 1994 musical documentary entitled “Guam’s History in Songs” with the work of the Foundation over the past years to honor our World War II survivors,” said Frank F. Blas, Jr., founder and President of the GWSMF.

Sunday, June 28, was Guam War Survivors Remembrance Day, by statute – Public Law 33-56.

While the public health declaration due to the COVID-19 pandemic has severely restricted the ability to publicly celebrate this occasion, Frank F. Blas, Jr., president of the Guam War Survivors Memorial Foundation, encourages everyone to take the time to remember and honor our island’s greatest generation — Guam’s World War II survivors.

“The enemy occupation of our island during World War II changed life on Guam forever.
Our people became prisoners of a war they were thrust into, and were subjected to cruelty and brutality not experienced by any other American population in any war before or since then,” Blas said.

He added: “Although we’re limited in what we can do to commemorate this occasion, take some time to visit and meet with a survivor to express your gratitude for their persistence and will to survive through their war experience. A great many of them have since passed on and please let us not forget what they all went through.”