Sunday Stabbing Linked to Rival Gangs


Guam – Kimbe Wiley has been charged in Superior Court in connection with a Sunday stabbing linked to rival gangs.

Wiley has been charged with aggravated assault and assault in connection with the stabbing of  Apon Kim and an assault on Kinney Toshima.

According to the magistrate’s complaint,  Kim and Toshima were “‘hanging out’ and drinking” with the defendant, Kimbe Wiley.

READ the Magistrates complaint against Wiley

Kim and Toshima walked a short distance away from Wiley “and fell asleep.”  Kim was suddenly awakened by a blow to the left side of his face. Kim then saw Toshima laying on the ground bleeding. Toshima had been stabbed 5 times in the back, shoulder and neck. Kim told police he saw Wiley running away.

When Police arrested Wiley the complaint states he was “‘displaying’ a black bandanna, which is known to be the ‘colors’ of the ‘Difficult Micronesian Gang’.” In addition, “the 2 victims were dispalying red bandanas, which are known to be the colors of the ‘201 Duece Gang.'”