Super Bowl Monday is a Day Off For DOE


Guam – Monday was Super Bowl XLV, and for the Department of Education it was a flexible make up day, that is a make up day that wasn’t needed,  which means Students and Teachers got the day off.


Guam Education Policy Board Member Rosie Tanatongo tells PNC that it was one of ten flexible make up days scheduled during the school year.

The days are reserved as make up days in the event they may be needed to make up for days when school had to be cancelled because of a typhoon or a power outage. But if they’re not needed, then its a day off.

Tanatongo is the Chair of the committee that works on the school year calendar.  That committee also includes teachers, principles and union members. Super Bowl Monday was selected as a make-up day, says Tanatongo, based on suggestions from teachers who said many students would have been absent from class on that day. 

The other make-up days for the 2010-2011 school year are October 11, November 26, December 20-22, April 18-20 and May 31st.